Quorning Boats of Denmark - Dragonfly 35 Ultimate - SwingWing technologyQuorning Boats of Denmark - Legacy Trimaran

"My last boat was the Dragonfly 800, which I had for 10 years. The boat gave me a lot of happy memories that I still treasure today. Age forced me to end sailing my Dragonfly 800 BES – I did it with tears in my eyes."

Paul Elvström, Denmark

40 Years of Trimarans

Quorning Boats was founded in 1967 by Børge Quorning with the aim to build safe high quality trimarans with  high performance and to set new standards in sailing.

Since then, Quorning Boats has designed and manufactured approx. 850 boats of all kinds from 16´ up to 52´, but since 1981 the company has exclusivly procuced the Dragonfly range of trimarans, starting with the Dragonfly 25 MK 1.

In 1995 the company was handed over to the second generation, Jens Quorning, who has been working in the company since 1978. Jens has financially been involved in the company since 1991.

Børge and Jens designed and developed their “Swing Wing” system in 1988-89 and started a new era in the Dragonfly history by introducing the trailerable Dragonfly 800 Swing Wing. The “Swing Wing” system made it possible to reduce the beam by more than 50 % within 2 minutes, using no tools and working only from the cockpit. Since then no fixed wing trimaran has left the yard.

Quorning Boats only manufacture boats to order, ensuring each boat meets its owner´s dreams and specifications. Today Quorning Boats export worldwide direct from the yard or via our network of local Dragonfly representatives.

Over the years Quorning Boats has received a number of International prizes and awards such as “Boat Of The Year” in the USA three times, the “Danish Industriel Designaward” in 2001 – which was presented by HRH  the Danish Crownprince Frederik. The Dragonfly was also chosen one year as the best Multihull in France. The Dragonfly 920 Extreme was chosen “European Yacht Of The Year 2004”. Last but not least, the Dragonfly 35 Ultimate was chosen “European Yacht Of The Year 2008”.

Today's designs are still based on Børge's 50 and Jens' 30 years of boating experience and all these years of designing and production know-how are what Dragonfly still stands for. However, new technology also has a great influence, especially on the new Dragonfly 35 project, where 3D computer-aided design and finite-element calculations by engineer Steen Olsen have been useed to optimize design, materials, strength and weight. Using 5-axis CNC machining for master plugs is also a part of developing Dragonfly's today.