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The Dragonfly Collection

We now offer superb Dragonfly sailing clothes and gear in high quality. The Dragonfly collection is made in collaboration with the Australian based brand Zhik.

Zhik is a well-known brand in the sailing industry and especially in the dinghy sailing market.

After building a reputation as the industry leader in the dinghy classes, Zhik set about revolutionising yachting gear for racing sports boats and offshore yachting, which culminated in winning its first entry into the 2017-2018 Volvo Ocean Race.

Zhik has always innovated and is expanding on its research and development with new projects in material science likely to change many facets of performance apparel including eco-friendly alternatives for a more sustainable future.

Zhik is now growing to include new technical products that will appeal in a larger set of outdoor and marine applications.

We are delighted with this first edition of Dragonfly sailing clothes and gear in collaboration with Zhik.
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