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Dragonfly 1200

The Dragonfly 1200 is the flagship of the Dragonfly family of folding trimarans. The Dragonfly 1200 Ocean Cruiser was, as it says - designed for safe bluewater cruising and sailing.

Each boat manufactured has been custom-built  to meet the special ideas and demands of the owner. The Dragonfly 1200  has been designed for safe bluewater cruising and sailing. The boat accommodates 7 people in 3 cabins and is easy to sail - even singlehanded.

The Dragonfly 1200 occupies no more space than any conventional yacht of the same size in the marina, yet you retain the advantage of the features that a trimaran can give you at sea. Folding even this big trimaran is very easy with help from the standard electrical winches.

Dragonfly 1200 Swing Wing was built between 2000 - 2007. In total 18 boats were built.

Ocean Cruiser
11.96 m
Beam folded
4.30 m
Max. crew
8 people
Max. speed
22 knots

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Design & Performance

The cabin offers the finest Danish furniture design and craftmanshiop. Going into the boat, you will find a nice roomy center cabin with full standing headroom of 1.95 m. On your port side, a well functional galley with good storage, stove and oven, which is covered when not in use.

The roomy dinette area easily seats 8 persons and also be converted into bunks, if needed, offering a total of 7 berths. On the starboard side of the main cabin, we have placed a nice navstation with horizontal surface for better general use. Behind the navseat, the fridge is built into the bulkhead.

Going forward, you will find the spacious toilet/shower room with plenty of lockers. Further forward, the owner's cabin features a very comfortable kingsize V-berth with windows in the hull.

The aft cabin is separate, located back aft, and offers a nice doublebunk and a separate toilet, or, as an alternative, two single bunks with a head between.

The center cockpit is spacious and secure with 2.10 m seats in teakwood and wheel steering. Below the whole cockpit lies the engineering compartment, housing the engine, tanks and other technical devices. Access is very easy for servicing and most importantly, it is isolated from the cabins. The Dragonfly 1200 is for the top of the line cruising as regards comfort in all aspects - quality - and easy handling, even for one person.

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To inform and illustrate recommended service, maintenance, and refitting on an older Dragonfly, we have drawn this general information sheet. Rough elements, like strong winds and wave conditions, strong saltwater and UV do have some impact on the boat after a long sailing life.

We strongly recommend servicing and changing vital parts on your boat according to our recommendations. This information overrules any other former information you may have, as the following is based on updated knowledge.

Visual check of all cables is still required when changing the rigging. When trailering the boat, we strongly recommend focusing on side stay cables, as these easily bend when stepping the mast. Bended side stay cables near the terminal may cause the side stay cable to break.

On all Dragonflys, please regularly check the forestay cable in the top by the terminal. When furling, the spinnaker halyard may block the forestay, which can cause failure of the forestay.

On all Dragonflys, we recommend re-stitching (sewing) along the seems of the trampolines every 6-7 years (in climates with strong UV, every 5 years). Normally, our clients change their trampolines after 10-12 years use.

On Dragonflys built after 1989, the white 5 mm Teflon pad rings on the float deck need to be changed every 13-15 years – this is neither critical nor structural. For easy change of these pads/rings, you just bolt off the floats from the wings.

Over the years, Quorning Boats has used the riggings links, so-called Quick-Links, in the Dragonfly production. When replacing these, it is of utmost importance to purchase links of same high quality or similar products carrying same strength (working load). Many products look the same, but do not carry the same strength.

Original parts can be ordered at Quorning Boats at aftersales@dragonfly.dk

Common spare parts can be shipped within two weeks, whereas special parts and/or custom-made parts usually are served within 6-8 weeks.

For orders below EUR 100.- excl. VAT, we charge a handling fee of EUR 15.-

Parts ordered at Quorning Boats Denmark, will be produced in originally designed materials. Should you choose to order from other suppliers, please check that the same kind of materials are used – especially on the waterstays and other rigging parts, where stronger Dyeform cables are needed.

DRAGONFLY 1200 (built 2000-2005)
Waterstays – every 7 years, or by max 15,000 NM
Side stays and forestays – every 5 years, or by max 10,000 NM
Diamond spreader stays on the mast – every 15 years
Forward safety cables – every 7 years
Rudder downhaul cable – every 5 years
Steering cables – every 5 years


Length overall center hull 11.96 m 
Length waterline center hull 11.20 m
Length folded 13.65 m
Beam max 8.60 m
Beam folded 4.30 m
Draft, incl centerboard 2.00 m
Draft, excl centerboard 0.75 m
Draft folded, excl centerboard 0.67 m
Weight of standard boat, ready to sail 5,700 kgs
Max payload, incl crew 7,230 kgs
Water capacity 180 l
Fuel tank 165 l
Holding tank (optional) 80 l
Max engine hp 150 hp/110 kw
Mast section in total, excl antennas 17.20 m
Max mast height over water level 18.90 m
Mainsail 60 m2 
Standard genoa 35 m2 
Spinnaker, asymmetric 130 m2 
Bowsprit length 1 or 2 m

Designed by Børge and Jens Quorning


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