Factory Tour | Dragonfly

Factory Tour

Where the magic happens

The production facitlities at Quorning Boats is where the magic happens. A dedicated and high-skilled staff sets high standards for modern boat building today. Each boat is built on demand with individual desires to meet the dream of each owner. In close cooperation with some of the most qualified and experienced suppliers and subcontractors, our staff provides a perfect setting for an excellent end result. Our passion for the sea, high-end products and these boats is what drives each one of us. A lot of our Dragonfly workers are dedicated sailors, participating in races and proud boat owners themselves.

"Jens Quorning has set the standards. He has shown us the confidence needed for us to deliver boats of this high quality" (Ulrik Jensen and Tommy Rybka, both 20 years jubilees at Quorning Boats)

Ulrik Jensen and Tommy Rybka have both been working at Quorning Boats for around 20 years. Side by side, all these years, they have been joining the same teams and have built more than 300 boats together. Working closely in a team for so many years requires mutual respect. They have succeeded in exploiting the abilities and ressources of eachother to form the perfect result - both professionally and personally. 

Being craftsmen, it is been important for both Ulrik and Tommy to deliver craftmanship of high quality. Fortunately, they are able to follow the boat from order to delivery. Jens Quorning has shown his staff the confidence necessary to deliver high-end craftmanship.