Trimarans | Dragonfly


What makes a trimaran so interesting?

These trimarans give you almost everything you can ask for. You cannot find any other type of boat in this range, that offers so many possibilities and features. The Dragonflies have live-aboard room for minimum 4 to 5 people with a heeling of not more than max. 10°. The Dragonfly is unsinkable, beach able. It goes in everywhere due to the kick-up rudder and centreboard system. Sailing ability is like a 60' yacht - even upwind with speed potential into the twenties, and can easily be single-handled due to all lines being led back to cockpit. Both the Dragonfly 25 and the Dragonfly 28 are trailer able.

The Dragonfly is equipped with high-tech rigging and sail design. It manoeuvres like a lightweight monohull under power or sail and offers huge deck space. All this on top of nice, streamlined design and high quality products used throughout the boat, you only end up with a Dragonfly.

No monohull can offer this, but you have to think differently and ask yourself – wouldn't this be something!
The goal for us is to manufacture the best folding trimarans. We are proud to label all our boats with Quorning Quality.