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Dragonfly Service

We offer various services at the yard, like for example winter storage and pre-season services. Our Aftes Sales Department is at your service offering spare parts for your Dragonfly.

When in need of a spare part for your Dragonfly, our After Sales Department takes care of ordering and shipping the parts to you directly. We are just a click away.

We offer Winter storage, both out- and indoor (not heated), for your Dragonfly. Labour for rigging and/or unrigging the boat, craning and transport of the boat from the marina to the yard is settled by the hour, like high-pressure hose below waterline etc. Further, we offer to dryout your sails inside our production, including winter storage, as well as standard engine service. For further information and/or price list, please contact us.

Our Pre-season service offers a profound winter check up of your Dragonfly. Upon agreement with each owner, we service your Dragonfly and replace spare parts when needed. Please contact us, if you want us to make you an offer.

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